• Feb 24, 2018
  • by Aarushi Jha

In a class/studio, we often have more people than at the latest box office ticket lines.  To get them all in one shot without getting anyone cropped is a hassle. There are a few tools you can use to get that done.


Instead of recording from the front centre of the room, the person recording should stand on elevation like the director’s chair in the centre-back of the studio and shoot from above the dancer’s heads and record the reflection in the mirror.

This will also remove the lateral inversion caused in video which is a huge problem if someone tries to learn and copy off the video.


You do not need to buy a camera to get great footage in the day and age of camera phones, however it is a good investment if you plan on doing more photo or video work.

It also helps in case you want to have a YouTube channel or build a portfolio. When the quality of the video increases because of the camera, there is always more traffic on the content. This has often been proven in many studies.


When you will buy/rent a camera, pick a wide-angle lens which are intentionally made for WIDE shots like these. They also cover a closer (zoomed-in) shot without the need of a lot of depth in the room (distance from the dancers). They are made for covering shots of real estate, indoor interiors design etc (where space is less but wide area needs to be shot).

NOTE: These lenses often need more lighting due to higher aperture value. Make sure your room is well lit before buying them.


Fish-eye lenses are the ones that make the centre look small and the edges a little flattened (what it looks like from your door's magic eye). Yes, those lenses are made for covering shots which need a wider angle.

So, pick one of those up and see the magic.