• Mar 31, 2018
  • by Aarushi Jha

The latest addition to the list of superstars going pole dancing to get that perfectly toned body is multi-talented Yami Gautam. The actress has for long been a fitness inspiration for us and with all her Instagram posts she sure is giving us fitness goals.

                                                   Instagram:YAMI GAUTAM

Following in the footsteps of Jacqueline Fernandez to take up pole dancing as a way to a fit and healthy body Yami said

“The whole idea came because of my love for fitness and dance and that is something I enjoy doing now. Pole dancing is a great way to work on your fitness ability and your dance. It challenges the fitness level a lot more. So, I thought this could be something additional which until now I could not have imagined myself doing.  Now, I am in a phase where I want to experiment, push myself and my limit and this thought only comes from one's mind. Nobody put this thought in my head, it stems from my own will and passion."

 With this dance form fast becoming a fitness trend, here are some of the benefits of pole dancing which have people all over the world swooning over this dance form..

It’s an amazing stress buster

Let’s admit at the end of a tiring and stressful day we all crave to do that one thing that will help us take our mind off all the stress and will also be fun to do, if this is you then pole dancing is the way to go. Adrenaline builds up when we are stressed thus, making us anxious and depressed. Pole dancing helps reduce adrenaline and instead release endorphins, which makes us relaxed and happy.

Burn those calories

With pole dancing it is possible to burn 500 calories in one class and probably more if you work out intensely. Pole dancing doesn’t make the body bulky or huge, as we work with our natural body weight. With pole dancing the chest muscle develop which is similar to doing lots of push ups and the best part- it is fun and doesn’t make you fell like you are Working out.

Cardiovascular workout

You thought that running on a treadmill is your best bet but pole dancing can beat that. By engaging all the muscles with all that spinning and dancing you can get your heart pumping and this a great cardiovascular workout. If you sit at a desk for long periods of time then it is important for you to exercise 3-4 times a week to increase your heart rate.

Toned muscles

Climbing up a pole can be much more challenging than you might think, in it all your muscles are engaged. It is one of the best way for a total body workout which sculpts every muscle. Joanna Pawelczyk Pole athlete from X-Pole SA explains that “pole fitness is a very upper body intensive sport so your arms, shoulders and abs will be the first to tone up”. She says that certain poses in pole work the inner thighs and quads as well but the real leg work out comes from doing leg excercises, which not only works your butt fantastically but makes you more flexible at the same time. 

Enhanced flexibility

Pole dancing being famous for its all-round fitness is not only good for cardio and for toning muscles but it also increases flexibility. Pole athlete from X-Pole SA Sherry Bremner reminds us that flexibility has undisputed benefits for injury prevention, recovery, general muscle and joint health.

Boosts self confidence

Its not just the fitness benefits but also its emotional benefits which make pole dancing worth vouching for. Joanna says that “pole fitness also gives you a sense of confidence, independence, sexiness and strength that no other sport can do. It isn't just amazing for your outer body but for your inner self too.” She explains it has helped Joanna and many other women with "body acceptance.”

What are you waiting for? Grab your shorts! Let's do some pole dancing!